Terms and Conditions

The Fernside Hotel, hereafter called (the hotel), enters into a contract, (whether verbal or written) to supply goods and/or services to you, (thecustomer) for the price quoted.

Reservation/bookings are only accepted with the payment of a deposit, (by cash, cheque or credit card) unless a properly established credit account is duly authorized and in place. Balance of the bookings must be paid on arrival.

The bedroom tariff is clearly displayed at reception, on our internet site and in various trade magazines, tourist information offices and holiday journals, however, this tariff may change from time to time and it is for the customer to be aware of these changes. The only official tariff is that published on this website (www.fernsidehotel.com). All other website tariffs are for guidance only.

When booking a room: The hotel requires a minimum deposit equal to the first nights stay. This may vary according to the duration of the reservation, and this sum will be forfeited in the event of a cancellation or a 'no-show'. In the event of a 'no-show' or a cancellation less than 72 hours prior to the agreed arrival date the hotel reserves the right to demand full payment for all reservations.

Telephone bookings usually result in taking a customer's credit/debit card details and taking a deposit at the time of booking. Should 'the customer' fail to show, or check out without making full payment, or be found to have credited items to their room account - such items that have failed to 'catch up' with the final bill at the time of check out, (whoever may be responsible) these items will be deducted as 'Customer Not Present' from the customer's respective card at the subsequent time. The customer will be notified by post and will be sent the PDQ receipt. In the event of a deposit being made by cheque, or in the event of booking being charged to an account, any subsequent billing will be sent through the post and payment will be expected by return, or within 28 days.

Double/Twin rooms are often let for single occupancy. This is a concessionary arrangement and carries an element of trust, in the event that additional persons are found to have occupied these rooms, we reserve the right to charge in full for double occupancy.

Damage to bedrooms: In the event of damage, either accidentally or wilful, the hotel reserves the right to pass-on the cost of rectifying any such damage in full, (this includes cigarette burns, vomit, food stains, bed wetting or pet damage); in addition to the above, the hotel will also charge in full for any lost room nights resulting from such incidents. These charges will be taken from the customer's credit/debit card as 'Customer Not Present' and the customer will be informed by post. Any customer found to be in breach of the hotel's no smoking policy may be charged upto a 50% surcharge for each night of their stay.

There are strict guidelines in respect of noise levels as we are located within a residential area, it is important that these are not exceeded. If there is any doubt, please contact a member of staff.

Any person deemed to be acting in an anti social manner will be asked to leave the building.

Simon & Jane Wood